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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. Permit parking
  2. Day parking packages for staff
  3. Free out of hours parking for staff
  4. Visitor parking
  5. Disabled staff and disabled student parking
  6. Departmental permit holders
  7. Car sharing
  8. Payment
  9. Enforcement
  10. General 

Section 1 : Permit parking

Q: I am a permit holder. Will I have to re-apply next year to renew?

All permits will have to be renewed each year and new permits issued to display on your windscreen.

Q: I was unsuccessful in obtaining a permit, will I be able to apply next year?

We will be undertaking a review of the permit allocation process and consulting with a wide range of stakeholders. This review will also determine how we manage car parking demand and whether we allow new applications each year. More details on the review will be circulated later in the year.

Q: I didn’t qualify for a permit – will my details be kept on a new register of interest?

No, you will have to wait and re-apply in the following parking year (which now runs from January to December). Discounted day tickets can be bought online.  These have the advantage of being bookable in advance for the dates required giving you a flexible alternative to applying for a permit.

Q: I was unsuccessful in obtaining a permit, can I appeal against the decision?

All parking permits have now been allocated therefore you will only be able to appeal where there has been a significant change in circumstances which you believe may lead to a change in the decision not to award a permit.

A new flexible process for day parking which can be purchased in advance at discounted rates where parking is booked in advance is available to you.

Q: Can I transfer from one parking zone to another?

Yes, although you will have to go on a Transfer List.  The Facilities Directorate Helpdesk team will take your details and contact you when a suitable swap becomes available. Please contact the  Facilities Directorate Helpdesk.

Q: I know another permit holder who wants to swap zones, can we do this?

Yes, both permit holders would need to provide confirmation. Please contact the Facilities Directorate Helpdesk for further information.

Q: I am going on Maternity leave/sabbatical/long-term absence – can I put a hold on my parking permit?

Yes, if the leave is going to be greater than 3 months. Contact the Facilities Directorate Helpdesk with your name, payroll number and details of your current permit. We will not deduct money from your salary while you are absent from work. You should return your permit and barrier card (where appropriate) to the Facilities Directorate Helpdesk. You will need to remember to tell us at least one month before you are due back so that we can re-activate your permit and payments.


Q: I am a retired member of staff but I am returning to the University on a part-time contract. Is it possible to retain my parking permit?

Retired staff who are re-engaged for more than 50 days per annum may opt to retain their car parking permits on payment of the appropriate fee. Such an entitlement must be supported in writing by the permit holder’s Head of Department. Without such support parking permits will be withdrawn upon retirement.

Q: What if I don’t wish to continue with my permit?

You can cancel your permit by accessing your online account or giving one month’s written notice to the Facilities Directorate Helpdesk and we will arrange to cancel your permit and cease deductions from your salary.

Q: How was the permit selection criteria developed?

The criteria were informed by a review of policies used by other similar institutions. This involved visiting a number of other Universities and discussions with the Higher Education Interest Group within the British Parking Association.  The criteria were also informed by the car parking survey that was completed by nearly 2500 staff in April 2015.   The criteria were then refined with key stakeholders at the University.  We believe these criteria represent a fair assessment of an individual’s requirement for a car parking permit.

Q: How does the points system work?

If your circumstances match some of the criteria you will be awarded a certain number of points.  For example, if you have caring responsibilities and can provide requested evidence, you will be awarded 50 points.  These will be added to the points you have scored for other criteria giving you a total score.  Permits will be awarded to those applications with the highest scores.

Q: What score will I need to qualify for a permit?

There is no pre-determined score for receiving a permit. All application scores will be ranked alongside other applicants, with permits being awarded to those with the highest scores.

Q: Why is the exclusion zone set at two miles?

Approximately a quarter of all current University staff live within two miles of the University.  For those living within the two-mile radius, public transport availability is very good or some may wish to cycle or walk.  Wider exclusion zones were considered but a two-mile zone was considered a fair distance for staff to make alternative travel arrangements.  There was also wide support for this distance in the staff car parking survey.

Q: How is the two-mile exclusion zone actually calculated?

The system will calculate the distance from your home address to the University, using your home post code based on the straight line distance from the centre point of your home postcode and the Parkinson Building steps.   The result is not based on the route you may choose to drive to the University so will probably differ from journey planners.

The two mile (3.291km) exclusion zone is measured as a straight line distance from the Parkinson steps (Point A).  The Ordnance Survey (OS) grid reference of Point A is SE2955434715.

Q: I live in the exclusion zone, but I have to drop my children off 3 miles outside the exclusion zone. Will I be able to apply for a permit?

No.  The exclusion zone distance is measured from your home postcode to the University of Leeds (Parkinson Building).  You will not be able to use alternative postcode data.


Q: Will I get extra points for commuting a long distance to the University because public transport would take too long?

Yes, under the new criteria you will receive points for a maximum of 60 minutes travel on public transport to the University of Leeds (Parkinson Building).  This will be calculated automatically by the new system which is why we need your postcode.  The new system will also calculate the public transport route but will not take into account any diversions or other destinations you may travel to between home and work, such as transporting children to school.

Q: What system is used to calculate the time spent on public transport?

The University is using an industry standard specialist parking IT system to administer the allocation of permits.  Within this system is a public transport accessibility mapping tool that calculates the time taken from your postcode to the University of Leeds postcode.  This system has been used in other similar universities for car parking management.

Q: What evidence will I need?

All the evidence requirements for each criteria element are provided here.

Q: I can’t find my children’s birth certificate.

We will need to see copies of full birth certificates that include the parents’ names.  If you have lost these, you will be able to order copies from

Section 2 : Day parking packages for staff

Q: I’m looking for a more flexible and affordable arrangement for parking on campus without a permit, what does the University offer?

Staff without a permit can purchase discounted day tickets that can be used to book a space in advance in the Orange zone.  Please note that these day tickets are not transferrable.  You will be able to do this through ParkIT which will allow you to manage your available tickets and the days you have booked.

Q: What day parking packages are available and how much do they cost?

1 day pass                                £7

12 day passes for 10                £70

20 day passes for 15                £105


Q: How will I purchase these day parking packages?

Day parking packages are only available to Staff of the University of Leeds. You must be logged into the University’s network to access this system.  If you are connecting from home you will need to log into the network via Citrix/Desktop Anywhere.

The payments for the full package will be taken from your next month’s salary subject to payroll deadlines.

Q: How do I pre-book a space?

Please see the Day parking for staff – help guide which has step-by-step instructions for you to follow.

Q: Will a space be available for me once I’ve booked a day credit?

The system will only allow a certain number of bookings per day based on parking space availability.  A booking does not guarantee a parking space.  Only if a user confirms by email ( or telephone (0113 34 35491) within 20 minutes of arriving on University premises that there is no parking available will a refund be issued on a booking.

Q: What if I need to park on the day without notice?

There will be a limited number of same day passes available at the main barrier on Woodhouse Lane on a first come, first served basis.  The main barrier opens at 0700 Monday to Friday.


Q: Will I be able to see if spaces are available before I buy my day parking credits?

You will be able to see if spaces are available on the day you are planning to book your parking.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of day parking packages I can buy?

Yes, you can purchase a maximum of 220 day parking credits throughout the year.

Q: How far in advance can I book day parking?

You can book up to 4 weeks in advance.

Q: Can I cancel a day parking booking?

You can cancel up to midnight the preceding working day of your booking.  Please see the Day Parking for Staff – Help Guide for further details.

Q: When booking a space one or more of my credits have disappeared?

If you cancel a booking part way through the process of making a reservation, then sometimes your credit(s) will disappear. If this should happen, simply sign out of ParkIT and log back in. This should reinstate the previously missing credit(s).

Section 3 : Free out of hours parking for staff

Q: I am a member of staff. Can I park on campus on an evening and weekend?

Yes. However you will need to register on the parking system and then you will be eligible to park on campus free of charge. You will then be allowed to park between 5pm – 7am weekdays and all day on weekends, bank holidays and University closed days.

Q: I want to register for out of hours parking but I cant get on the parking system?

Please email the Facilities Directorate Helpdesk from your University email address requesting parking and provide your vehicle registration details.

Section 4 : Visitor parking

Q: How do I book visitors in with the new parking system?
Q: How much does visitor parking cost?

The cost for parking during core hours is fixed at £7 per day.

Q: Can I cancel or amend visitor bookings?

Yes you can do this by contacting the Facilities Directorate Helpdesk by 12 noon the preceding working day of the booking date and your departmental account code will be refunded.

Q: What if the system won’t accept my booking?

The new system will recognise whether there are enough spaces on campus.  If the car park is already full, your visitor will be expected to park off campus. There are several city centre car parks nearby including a multi-storey just 5 minutes’ walk away;

Q: I need to book a large group of visitors for an event – how do I arrange parking for the delegates?

Please contact the Facilities Directorate Helpdesk to discuss numbers and availability in advance.

Q: What if my visitor stays after 5pm?

Once £7 for the working day has been taken, your visitor will be allowed to remain on campus until midnight the same day.

Q: What if my visitor wants to arrive after 5pm?

The campus is open to the public for parking after 5pm on weekdays and all weekend.  Vehicles can drive onto campus and park in the multi-storey car park and must pay for parking at the payment machines.

Section 5 : Accessible Parking for Staff and Students

Q: Are there dedicated parking facilities for blue badge holders?

Yes, there are a number of designated disabled bays located across the campus. Please see the map of campus for the locations of disabled parking bays including 20 disabled spaces in the multi-storey car park.

Q: Under the new policy, will I have to pay for parking even though I have a current Blue Badge?

 No.  Parking will remain free of charge for all staff and students who have a current Blue Badge.  Any staff or students wishing to park on campus with a Blue Badge must contact the Facilities Directorate Helpdesk and be ready to provide a copy of your Blue Badge.  The expiry of the University permit will coincide with the expiry of your Blue Badge so if you are renewing it, you must let us know.

Q: I am currently waiting for my Blue Badge to be renewed but my old one has expired, can I still park on campus as normal?

We understand that sometimes there may be a delay in renewing a Blue Badge.  To bridge the gap and continue in supporting you, we offer a three month temporary permit.  This is payable and can only be used in a normal parking bay and will not be extended beyond the three months.

Q: I have a disability recognised under the Equality Act however I am not eligible for a Blue Badge, how can I obtain a parking permit?

If you wish to apply for a parking permit based on medical grounds, you must consult with your HR Manager in the first instance to see what other reasonable adjustments the University can offer to support you and assist you getting to work.  Your HR Manager may refer you to Occupational Health for an Ill Health Review to seek professional medical advice.  You may also be asked to complete a form which seeks the advice of your GP or Consultant.  Your application is then passed to a Parking Panel consisting of HR, Occupational Health, Trade Unions, Car Parking, Equality Services, Student Disability Service and Car Parking who will consider the information provided and make a decision as to whether a permit (temporary or permanent) will be issued.

Q: If I am unsuccessful, can I appeal against the Panel’s decision?

No.  The decision of the Parking Panel is final.  If your circumstances change substantially then you would need to speak to your HR Manager and start the process again.

Section 6: Departmental permit holders

Q: Can an individual member of staff apply for a departmental parking permit?

A member of staff can apply for a departmental permit on behalf of a University faculty, school or service.  Departmental permits must meet strict criteria and will only be awarded following submission of suitable supporting information.  Please contact the Facilities Directorate Helpdesk for an application form (please note these applications cannot be submitted on the new online system).

Q: Do departmental permits get a Universal permit for all zones?

Where the University department requires their vehicle to park all over campus then an all campus permit will be issued.

Q: How much does the new departmental permit cost?

The annual cost of a departmental permit is now £542.

Q: How do we pay for the departmental permit?

You must provide a departmental account code on the application form.  The full amount will be deducted in January 2017.  Alternative payment arrangements may be made but must be agreed with the Support Services Manager prior to a permit being issued.

Q: How will ANPR cameras and the new enforcement process work with departmental permits?

It is the responsibility of the person(s) who manage the departmental permit to ensure the Facilities Directorate Helpdesk are notified of any vehicle changes.  The ANPR cameras will be programmed with the vehicle registration numbers provided and will recognise any contraventions, for example, if two cars entered during core hours under one permit.

Section 7 : Car Sharing

Q: I am already part of a car share permit, are the criteria the same under the new policy?

We continue to operate a Car Share Scheme where two or more University users will be issued with a single “Car Share” permit and payment is divided between the number of car sharers. This allows alternating car use or differing car use during holidays, illness etc. Only one vehicle can be used at any one time by the car sharers. Please click here for further information.

Q: Why do I need to register my car with Liftshare if I have already found somebody to car share with?

Successfully setting up a user account and a car sharing group on the Liftshare website means that we can verify your car share against the database of registered liftshare account holders and car sharers at the University as part of the permit applications process.

In order to set up a car sharing group and obtain your reference number on the Liftshare website, just follow the steps below:

  • Once you have created a user account, register all journeys that you make and would like to car share on. The Liftshare system matches your journey with other staff members on the system who live nearby or may go along that route into work. Through the system you will be able to securely make contact with potential matches to discuss potential car sharing arrangements.
  • Once you have arranged a car share with other colleagues you will need to confirm this on your Liftshare account. You can do this by going to the ‘Contacts’ section of your account and updating your sharing status. The system will then create a Team ID for you which officially recognises you as car sharers on the system. All teams will have a unique identification number.
  • Please keep a note of your Liftshare Team ID number to include in your permit application so that it can be processed, we won’t be able to process car share permit applications unless they include this number.

If you do already have a Liftshare account and would like to find someone to car share with, please make sure that your profile and journey information are up to date so that staff members who are interested in car sharing can search for accurate journey matches using current information.

Q: Will car sharers get designated parking spaces?

As part of planning consent for the multi-storey car park, the University has committed to providing an increased number of dedicated car sharing spaces.

Q: Can I car share with a Blue Badge holder or a disabled permit holder?

Blue Badge holders park in designated disabled bays which are not available to those without a Blue Badge.  The University does not therefore allow car share with Blue Badge holders and other members of staff as there may be times when the non-disabled driver may wish to park but they are not authorised to park in a disabled bay.  However, disabled staff may car share on an informal basis if they wish to reduce their travel costs but their car sharer will not be awarded a parking permit under this arrangement.

Q: What if my car share partner is unable to take me home?

As part of the University car sharing scheme we are setting up a Guaranteed Lift Home (GLH) Scheme.  This will guarantee a return journey home for University employees regsistered on the car share scheme, should their car share partner be unable to take them home because of an unforeseen problem, such as picking up a sick child from school. Applicants must be the passenger as the GLH Scheme assumes that the driver will drive or make his / her own arrangements. Further guidelines on the Guaranteed Lift Home Scheme will be available shortly.

Q: Will all car sharers have to contribute towards the cost of the permit and how is the permit price determined?

The price of the permit is determined by the person in the car share group with the highest salary band and highest Vehicle Excise Duty (car tax) band.  The costs will then be split equally between the number of car sharers and taken out of your monthly salary.

Q: What happens if one of the car sharers leaves the University?

If you have been in an official car share arrangement (2 members) and one member leaves the University, the permit is not transferrable to an individual and will be cancelled.

If you have been in an official car share arrangement (3 or more members) and one member leaves the University, the permit is transferrable to the remaining members of the car share group and the cost will be recalculated accordingly.

Notice in writing of any change to a car share group should be received by all parties at least one month prior to the change. 

Section 8 : Payment

Q: How much will I pay for my new staff parking permit?

From January 2017 the cost of an annual staff parking permit will vary according to your salary band and the carbon emissions of your vehicle. Click Here for pricing.


Q: How does the price banding system work?

The pricing system is based on two factors; the first is defined by your car tax band/emission band which can be calculated for you using your car registration, make and model here:

Secondly it is coupled with your annual salary and the table located below will help you work out the annual cost from both of these categories.

An indication of the equivalent daily rates the new prices equate to can be seen in the table below.



Salary* & Annual Permit Rates (£)

Equivalent daily rates (£)




£61,178 and above




£61,178 and above









































*Basic salary (pro- rata’d where applicable)

Q: What happens if I get a lower or higher emission car midway through the year?

The charge will be amended to reflect the lower/higher emission bracket once the Facilities Directorate Helpdesk have been informed of the vehicle change and the replacement permit has been issued (where applicable).

Q: What happens to the cost of my permit if my salary changes within the parking year?

If your salary changes within the current parking year the system will automatically calculate whether this changes the parking band you are in and your next payment will be amended if applicable.

Q: My car doesn’t have an emission band. How will you determine the cost of my permit?

For staff where emissions data is not available – typically pre March 2001 cars, the engine size (cylinder capacity or cc) will be used to determine the applicable banding level and then the appropriate salary band will be used to determine the actual charge.  For vehicles with an engine size up to 1549cc DVLA category G will be used, and for vehicles with an engine size over 1549cc DVLA Category I will be used.

Q: I have a permit and work part-time. Will I receive a reduction in my parking fee for parking only a few days per week?

We have listened to staff feedback and have now adjusted the permit prices to take into account staff employed on a part-time basis.  The price of a permit is based on your basic salary (pro-rata’d where applicable) rather than your grade. If your salary changes during the year your monthly payments will be automatically updated to reflect your new permit price (if applicable).

Q: Can we expect to see car parking charges increase again in 2018?

We will review all parking prices every year aligned to the annual consumer or retail price index.

Section 9: Enforcement

Q: How does the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system work?

During core hours 7am-5pm Mon-Fri, the cameras capture the registration number of the vehicle and check if this is an authorised vehicle against a database of permit holders and authorised day parkers/visitors. If the vehicle is on the database, then no action is taken. If it is an unauthorised vehicle, a parking charge notice is issued to the keeper of the vehicle.

Outside of core hours 7am-5pm Mon Fri, the system will check if the vehicle is on the authorised list of registered staff members and students, or, if they have paid for their parking at the paystations. Unauthorised vehicles or those leaving without paying will then be subject to enforcement action.

Q: Will cameras enforce all the car parking zones?

Only the Orange Zone will be monitored by an ANPR system. The other zones will continue to be enforced using security foot patrols and issuing enforcement notices to unauthorised vehicles. Please check the terms and conditions of parking for more details

Q: Will unauthorised vehicles be issued with a warning ticket first?

There will no longer be a warning ticket issued and any contravention will receive a parking charge notice. Please check the terms and conditions of parking for more details.

Q: Is the University using a car parking contractor to manage enforcement?

The University is managing enforcement in-house and ensuring everyone using the campus car parks comply with the terms and conditions of parking. All staff are encouraged to read these to ensure they are not contravening the rules for parking and this document is available here.

Q: Will delivery vehicles be issued with parking charge notices?

All delivery vehicles will receive 40 minutes grace period to allow them to travel around the campus to make deliveries.

Section 10 : General

Q: I am pregnant; can I receive a temporary parking permit?

In normal circumstances a straightforward pregnancy would not entitle expectant mothers to be automatically issued with a parking permit. Where there are complications affecting your mobility you will need to supply medical evidence to support a bid for a temporary parking permit. You should contact your HR manager initially to see if there are any other reasonable adjustments which the University can offer, including a referral to occupational health or form to request evidence from GP / Specialist.

Q: I am a student, where can I park on campus?

There is no student parking on campus during core hours (7am to 5pm Monday to Friday). For those students that hold a blue disability badge parking during core hours is available with a blue badge permit. Please contact the Facilities Directorate Helpdesk for details on acquiring a blue badge permit.

Please click here for our parking alternatives or other nearby car parks in Leeds.

Q: Can minibuses and coaches park on campus?

Minibuses with 16 seats or less can park on campus and follow the same process as cars.

We have one space on Western Campus which can accommodate a minibus over 16 seats or a coach. Availability is limited and costs £10 per day. Please contact the Facilities Directorate Helpdesk 

Q: Can I leave my car overnight?

We don’t encourage this for security reasons. Cars left overnight are left entirely at the owner’s risk.


Q: I am organising an event – how do I arrange parking for the delegates?

Please contact the Facilities Directorate Helpdesk to discuss numbers and availability in advance.

Q: I have a car and a motorcycle – what type of permit should I apply for?

You need to apply for a car parking permit as normal.  This permit will also cover your motorcycle.  The cost of your permit will be calculated based on whichever vehicle is in a higher tax emission band. You are not authorised to park both the motorcyle and car on campus at the same time.

Q: Can staff who do not have a permit still park on campus on evenings and weekends?

Yes.  Any University member of staff can park in the Orange Zone outside of core hours (core hours are Monday to Friday 7am – 5pm) but you must register your vehicle details on the ParkIt system to avoid enforcement action.

Q: How do I book on travel planning sessions?

We are currently working with West Yorkshire Combined Authority to run a series of personalised travel planning cafes in order to support staff and students in exploring alternative ways to travel to the University. These sessions are not for car parking permits. Please visit the Sustainability website for further details.

Q: Where can I park if not on campus?

There are several city centre car parks nearby including a multi-storey just 5 minutes’ walk away;

The University does however promote and support sustainable travel choices through the Travel Plan. These include car-sharing, public transport, cycling and walking. 

Q: I have lost my permit/barrier card. Can I get a replacement?

Yes we can issue a replacement on payment of £5.00. Please contact the Facilities Directorate Helpdesk.

Q: What happens if I don’t display a valid permit or daily ticket or otherwise breach the University’s Car Parking Policy?

Vehicles that breach the University of Leeds Car Parking Policy will be subject to enforcement action. Please refer to the Car Parking Policy document for clarification.