Parking at Leeds

Visiting Contractors Parking

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Contractors requiring daily parking should contact the department they are working for to arrange parking. Contractor vehicles are permitted to park in the main visitor car park area known as Orange Zone. In exceptional circumstances, a contractor vehicle may be permitted to park in a different zone close to the works being carried out. Any such applications should be raised with the Facilities Directorate Helpdesk when booking in advance of the date parking is required.

Contractors are allowed up to 40 minutes on campus to make deliveries, or pick up/drop off equipment without charge. However, any overstay will be considered a breach in the Universities parking terms and conditions and that vehicle will become liable for enforcement action.

Except for loading or unloading heavy equipment contractors must not park in restricted areas marked by double yellow lines or hatching. These areas must be kept clear for health and safety purposes.

For further enquiries please contact the Facilities Directorate Helpdesk on 0113 34 35491 orĀ